Welcome to Mr. Thomas Montelongo's AP/pre-IB/Regular World History class. This is an extensive course tracing the rise of world civilizations, major historical events, and the many cultures of the world. A major focus of this class is to prepare the Advanced Placement student for collegiate rigor and to acquire and hone necessary skills and knowledge for success on the AP World History Exam in May, 2016. All AP World History students are required to prepare and sit for this exam. A passing score of 3 or above on the AP exam could provide college credit-the specified goal of Advanced Placement. Those taking Regular World History will also be challenged to develop higher level thinking skills necessary for college and for life beyond high school. Capable students in the Regular program will also be encouraged to apply for the AP Social Studies program at Trinity.                          

It is my desire to see all of my students succeed on every level with regard to classwork and district expectations. I dutifully offer any necessary and appropriate assistance concerning class assignments or classroom issues. With this in mind, I encourage students to faithfully attend tutorials held, daily, at 8 AM and after school at 4:04 PM (tutorials are not held on Friday afternoon during football season). If parents/guardians (only) have any questions concerning class assignments or expectations, please feel free to call me at school or at home-817.849.1571. Parent/guardian calls to my home can be made up until 9 PM on any day (including weekends). I also encourage all parents or guardians to visit our class at any time; simply call me a day ahead and I will make arrangements with the front office. Good luck to all of you that have accepted the challenge to work hard and to dare to be great!

AP Summer Assignment: Important!!! All AP World History students must check my document manager for summer assignments and required readings that have been downloaded for your convenience. These assignments and readings must be completed by the time school starts. Do not put this off! Your responsible and mature attitude will be exemplified through your correct and studious completion of this mandatory summer assignment. Failure to address these assignments is a precursor to the possible difficulty you may encounter in satisfying the high expectations required in Advanced Placement. If your commitment is lax, than the AP program may not be a viable option for you.

Supplies: collegiate-style spiral notebook with a minimum of 200 pages (Mead 5-star spiral-Wal-Mart sells them), 2-ring binder (2" minimum), 8 tabbed dividers, blue/black pen, #2 pencils

Class supplies (must have by 1st week of the "A" trimester):


Regular Class : spiral notebook(Mead 5 Star), pencil, pen, paper

optional-map pencils, markers, crayons

IB Psychology will focus on the levels of analysis that will compose the IB external assessment in May. An internal assessment will also be given which entails replicating an established experiment from one of the three levels of ananlysis.

Supplies required: Mead 5-Star spiral, 3-ring binder, at least 3 tabbed dividers, pen, pencils, paper