WELCOME TO the Wonderful Journalism World of MS. DAVIS
1st period: Literary Magazine Production I,II, III
2nd period: Newspaper Production I, II, III
3rd period: Yearbook Production I, II, III
4th period: Journalism I
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This class is responsible for producing the Palantir, the award winning Trinity student newspaper. Students report, write, edit, take and edit digital photos, create documents using desktop publishing programs, and sell ads to support publishing costs. Students also attend summer workshop, compete in UIL competitions and attend the ILPC State Journalism conference.

This class is responsible for producing the Triune, the state and national award winning THS student yearbook. Students report, write and edit copy, take and edit digital photos, place copy and photos into a desktop publishing program to create book and market the yearbook to students to support publishing costs. Students also attend summer workshop, compete in UIL events, various state and national competitions and travel to ILPC State Journalism Conference.


This class is responsible for producting the Labyrinth, the state and national award winning Literary -Arts magazine. Students collect, edit, design in a desktop pubishing program to create the magazine that they market to students. The students attend state and national competitions.

Journalism I

Welcome to Journalism I. Journalism I students will be introduced to journalism. They will explore history, responsibilities, interviewing, writing, style, advertising, photography, and design.

Why take Journalism? Become a part of a winning team and make a difference for yourself and your school. Journalism students do better. Improve writing skills. Journalism students score higher on the AP English exam than non-journalism students. Journalism students also score higher on average on the SAT and ACT. Impress colleges. Universities and colleges like to see publications work on the application. It shows a variety of skills necessary to become a successful college student. Earn computer credit. Advanced journalism students can receive desktop publishing and graphics credits as their required high school computer credits. Win awards and gain recognition. Triune yearbook has earned Gold Medalist rankings and Silver Crown awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The Triune yearbook has been named a Pacemaker Finalist and received a Pacemaker Award in the National Scholastic Press Association competition. Triune yearbook and the Palantir newspaper are consistent winners at the State's Interscholastic League Press Conference. . Both publications' staff members have won numerous individual awards.

Classroom Technology Advanced Journalism students are expected to use technology on a daily basis. Students have access to Macintosh computers to complete assignments. Newspaper and Yearbook students are expected to use Microsoft Word, Adobe Creative Suites' Indesign and Photoshop for publications work. Both publications use digital photography with Canon Rebel cameras as the standard.

Frequently Asked Yearbook Questions

1) How do I get my senior picture in the yearbook? All senior pictures must be taken at Marcel's at Monterra. There is no sitting fee for the yearbook portrait. Call 817-251-6222 to make an appointment.Deadline for senior pictures is Sept.30, 2013, for the Class of 2014.

2) When do we order senior ads? Senior ad contracts and payment are due by November 30, 2014. Click on the attachment in document manager to download.

3) When is the yearbook distributed? We distribute the yearbook sometime in the last few weeks of school.

4) Why doesn't the yearbook cover prom/graduation/softball/baseball/track/etc.? Because our yearbook is delivered in May, our final deadline is in early February. We are not able to submit material after that final deadline.