Mrs Gregornik's 7th Grade Life Science.

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Tutoring Times

Tutoring times will change due to my coaching schedule. During soccer season I will be available to tutor before school from 7:30 to 8:00 AM. Please see Mr. Ratliff if you need an afternoon tutorial time.

Supplies for Class

1. Composition Notebook

2. #2 Pencils

3. Colored Pencils

4. Binder 1 in. (reccommended)

5. Tissues


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Life Science Preview


Life Science will begin in the first six weeks discussing class procedures and safety, the cycling of matter and energy,  and finally ecological succession. During the second six weeks we will cover the topics; catastrophic events, weathering, erosion, deposition, and watershed. Following the second six weeks there will be a two day CBA exam. In the third six weeks we will learn about biomes, biodiversity and genetics. At the end of semester 1 there will be a Common Semester Exam (CSE). 


Life Science will pick up the second semester and fourth six weeks studying dichotomous keys, adaptations, variations, and responses to stimuli/forces. The fith six weeks will cover characteristics for life and cells. Finally, the sixth six weeks will end with body systems and an intro into 8th grade Chemistry. There will also be a CSE for semester 2. 

PAP Life Science Preview

Semester 1

Class Procedures and Safety –Seasons and Tides – Weather and Watersheds– Catastrophic Events and Ecological Succession   Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition –Environmental Factors and Biodiversity –  Cycling of Matter and Energy – Cells

Cumulative Semester Exam

 Semester 2

Genetics – Body Systems Force and Motion – Newton’s Laws The Atom –Periodic Table – Chemical Formulas, Reactions, and Equations

*Cumulative Final Exam