Mr. Switzer's World Geography Class

World Geography


In Mr. Switzer’s World Geography class, we will strive to have a successful year learning about the world around us.  We will do this by being committed to learning geography through consistent study habits and support from one another.  This will enable us to learn about the world and the people who live here.  It will also help us develop into learners equipped to be successful moving forward in our educational careers.

About Me

This is my 13th year teaching social studies and am very excited to be teaching World Geography here at Hurst Junior High for the sixth year. My family lives here in Hurst, my children go to HEB schools, and we love the community.


Students may come to my room before (at 7:20 every day) or after school (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until 3:50) for tutorials or for a place to work on geography assignments.


Please ask beforehand however just in case I will be out of my room for a meeting.

Supply List

Make sure you have a dedicated binder for World Geography.  

Always have paper and something to write with!

A red ink pen or highlighter and map pencils are also handy to have though not required.