श्रीमती राजपुरोहित के वेबपेज पर आपका स्वागत है। (Welcome to Mrs. Rajpurohit's webpage)  

Hindi level III course is a wrap-up of the Hindi basics as well as an introduction to Pre AP/IB level. This course will bring the students an opportunity to further develop their four language proficiency skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We will focus on enhancing communication proficiency and cultural awareness. The students are expected to communicate only in Hindi. 


Hindi level IV is a rigorous course to prepare students for the IB tests. This course will include various topics based on the IB curriculum, will also include review and expansion of Hindi grammar, cultural differences and similarities and strategies for being successful in exam. The students must read articles and topics discussed in class  and review their language speaking skills by speaking with Hindi speaking students and friends. Students are expected to speak only in Hindi in class.

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School Supply list -

2" 3-ring notebook binder

Index cards


1 Box of tissues

Loose-leaf notebook paper 

Blue or Black pen(no other colors accepted)

Pencil and eraser