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  Chinese III

 Chinese III is a wrap-up of the Chinese basics as well as an introduction to the IB/AP level. This course will bring the students an opportunity to further develop their four language proficiency skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing  We will focus on  enhancing communication proficiency and cultural awareness.  The advanced vocabulary, grammar and idiom will be introduced.


  Chinese IV

Chinese IV is the class that will prepare students for IB Test. This class will go over  various topics related to Chinese culture as well as more on grammar, reading and writing.  The students will learn more on test strategies. Students are expected to communicate only in Chinese in class.

School Supplies for Students take Chinese III & IV:

1" 3-ring notebook binder (or folder) with the tabs marked as follows:

1.  Class Note 

3.   Assignments




Loose-leaf  note book paper

Pen or pencil to write note

1 Box of Kleenex




8:15- 8:30 a.m. (for the student in Trinity Hight School only)

4:00 - 4:15 p.m. (for the student in L.D. Bell High School only) 

Additional tutoring times can be arranged in advance.