Buinger Career & Technical Education Academy
1849 Central Drive, Bldg E, Bedford, TX 76022
Ms. Chavez Phone: 817-354-3541 ext. 5042

Ms. Chavez - Room A113  

COURSE SUPPLIES: Be prepared with a pen or a pencil and paper.  


My name is Ms. Chavez and my classroom is located in Room A113. I am a Career and Technology business educator and I have been with HEB District for eight (8) years. I earned my Business Administration Bachelor's degree and my CTE Business Teaching Certificate from the University of Texas at El Paso.  I earned my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas at Arlington.  

Before becoming a teacher, I worked in banking for several years in El Paso, Texas. I proudly use my corporate business experience and my eduction to help students learn business basics and to apply professional work skills and knowledge as they transition into higher education or the workplace.

I teach:

*Entrepreneurship A & B (2 trimester course)
Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to become an entrepreneur. Students will learn the principles necessary to begin and operate a business. The primary focus of the course is to help students understand the process of analyzing a business oppertunity, a business plan, determining feasibility of an idea using research, and developing a plan to organize and promote the business and its products and services. In addition, students understand the capital required, the return on investment desired, and the potential for profit. Students will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and begin the first part of their business plan in Entrepreneurship A. Entrepreneurship B covers basic financial requirements of having a new business and students finalize their business plan.

*Global Business 
Global Business introduces students to today's global buiness world. Personal and interpersonal skills are used to strengthen student's individul performance needed in today's workplace and society. Student's will learn the vital and ethical aspects of international business to become competent consumers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

*Professional Communications 

This course blends written, oral, and graphic communications in a career-based classroom environment. Today's global economy requires individuals to be creative and have a strong background in computer and technology appliations, a strong and solid academic foundation and a proficiency in professional oral and written communication.



Ms. Chavez' Schedule: 1st Trimester - 2017 to 2018

     1      Professional Communications
     2 Entrepreneurship - A
     3Global Business
     4Entrepreneurship - A
     5  Lunch / Conference Period