5/24/17The International Baccalaureate website(www.ibo.org) has information about the IB Program.

Welcome to Dr. Kamin's IB Web Page. Dr. Kamin is the International Baccalaureate Coordinator at Trinity High School. Feel free to e-mail her if you have any questions. You can use contact teacher on the menu on the left side of this page.

We are moving websites.  Hopefully the week of October 14 or October 21.  More information will be posted at that time.  drk

Mark your Calendar with IB Dates

 IB Calendar 2016-17(updated 5/24/17) Red=Tentative Date


June 5-22    IB Summer Academy

June 26-27     Extended Essay Camp

July 6 Student scores released

July 6             IB Scores Party, 5:30pm,  Fuzzy Taco on Highway 10



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See the document manager for all summer assignments.  Also for Summer 2017, the assignments are on the THS home page.


Trinity High School Courses Offered(as of Sept. 2016--The courses offered may vary please check with the IB Coordinator to make sure the classes you are interested in are offered) English (HL) Spanish (ab initio ,SL and HL) French (ab initio and SL) German (ab initio)  Hindi (SL), Mandarian Chinese (SL), Arabic (SL),  History of the Americas (HL), Biology (SL and HL), Physics (SL), Chemistry (SL), Enviornmental Science and Society(SL), Math Methods & Math Studies (both SL), Art (SL & HL), Music (SL) ComputerScience (SL & HL), Geography (SL & HL), Theatre Arts (SL) , Information TechnologyTechnology in a Global Society(SL and HL) , IB  Dance(SL), and IB Psychology(SL).

If you need to order an IB transcript, here are the directions: Go to IB website: http://www.ibo.org/en/programmes/diploma-programme/assessment-and-exams/requesting-transcripts/  ( location as of 5/24/17)


If you are interested in attending Trinity High School as an IB student but you do not live in the THS Attendance zone,  e-mail Dr. Kamin for directions on how to apply to the IB Program or see the HEB Website, Advanced Academics page.

IB Student Reunion for Classes of 2004-2017 will be held December 15, 2017 in N-111,  11:15am-1:15pm.  


Contact Information:

500 North Industrial Blvd

Euless, TX  76039