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Welcome to L.D. Bell High School. Please be sure to visit other Bell sites for specific information regarding our classrooms and activities. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone at   (817) 399-3189.

Online Registration will begin in July each school year

Parent/Guardians must register online before Schedule Pick-up in August. Student must still attend Schedule Pick-up.

Important Dates  Check school website for testing throughout the school year


Nov. 20-24 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 18-Jan. 1 - Winter Break

Jan. 2 & 3 – Professional Development

Jan. 15 – Holiday

Jan. 19 – Early dismissal, 12:45

Feb. 22 – Sr. Projects, 12:55 dismissal

March 1 & 2 - Finals, End of trimester, 12:45 dismissal and optional lunch

March 12-16 - Spring Break

March 30 – Holiday

May 17 - Sr. Projects, 12:55 dismissal

May 30, 31 - Finals

May 31 - Last Day of School, finals, 12:45 dismissal and optional lunch

June 1 – Professional Development

June 2 - Graduation, 10:00 am Ft. Worth Convention Center

Check school website for testing throughout the school year


 Student Attendance is Critical to Performance  

v  If a student requires early dismissal: Parent/guardian calls the attendance secretary at the beginning of the day.  A pass will be issued.  At dismissal time, student signs out in the office then leaves campus.  If student returns to school, student must sign back in.


v  A parent/guardian must call the attendance secretary if a student is absent or late to school. Messages can be left at any time.


v  Students are required to be in class at least half of each class period to be counted present. This includes special schedules when classes meet for less than the normal class time.


v  A doctor’s note is required when a student misses school for a medical appointment.  Student has three days from the day of absence to submit a doctor’s note.  If student returns to school the same day as a medical appointment, a medical note must be presented when the student signs in.


v  All absences not related to an approved school activity count against exemptions; no exceptions.


v  Please encourage your student to bring all necessary items to school each day and make all arrangements with your student prior to the school day.  Uninterrupted class time is critical to learning.


v  Outside food may not be delivered for a student.  Only seniors are allowed to leave campus for lunch.


v  Students must have their student ID with them at all times.


If you graduated LESS than 1 year ago, your record is available at your high school. Please call the registrar at 817-399-3199. The student will need to fill out the request, sign, and pay for his/her transcript at the high school from which they graduated. The student may also use www.parchmemnt.com to request a transcript electronically.

If you graduated prior to 2005,the following steps are needed if you are picking up your transcript:

(1) Please call 817-399-2051.

(2) Please give us the following information: (a) the name that appears on the transcript (b) birthdate (c) school (d) year of graduation.

We require your signature and a $5.00 fee payable at time of pickup. We will accept cash, check, or money order. At this time we do not accept debit or credit cards of any kind.

If you graduated 2005 or later, you can request and pay for your transcript online. Please go to www.parchment.com to complete the secure online transcript request. Transcripts sent electronically will cost $5.00. You can pay with a credit or debit card thru Parchment.com.

Class Reunions

Class reunions for L.D. Bell are planned by outside companies. The companies listed below have organized previous Bell reunions.

The Party People 1-800-725-5557
Great Reunions 1-800-655-7971
Reunion Celebration, Inc. 877-605-3577