Welcome to our Bellaire Elementary Library

Parents please come to the library and check out extra books for your children. You may borrow five (5) books for a two-week period. Studies have shown that reading to your children and reading with your children help them become better readers.

Ask about our "We Both Read" series of books which are especially designed for shared reading.

We also have the Texas 2x2 books for PreK-2nd grade which have fun reading activities listed in the front of each book.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Julie Vela


Padres, ustedes pueden sacar cinco libros de la biblioteca para sus hijos. Es muy importante leer todo los dias con sus hijos. La biblioteca tiene muchos libros en español, vengan por favor.


Julie Vela






Bellaire Library Mission   

We come to the library to learn, to find information, and to checkout fun and interesting books to help us read better and get smarter.

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