Ms. deTurck's Room Mission statement: "Content Mastery provides support for the classroom teachers and students by helping the teachers use different teaching strategies in order to empower the students to achieve their full potential."
My room is one where students are allowed to come for assistance.   I or my assistant will be in the classrooms to assist all students.  The Content Mastery room has moved to the Math office located across the hall from the Counselors office.  Content Mastery is available before or after school for extra help.  Hours are: 7:44 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. I can be reached by calling 817-399-3074 or 817-285-3220 ext. 3074 or you can email me at DianeDeturck@hebisd.edu

Mr. Lecocq is the assistant in the Content Mastery room.