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Fall Semester 2017



 Science Departments Commitment to Improve Student Performance:

To create a learner-centered environment that actively engages students and provides opportunities to make connections to personal experiences by teaching the curriculum with rigor and challenging students to think critically.

During the Fall semester, students will start out learning about the biomolecules of living things.  Students then will learn about the structures and processes of various organelles of plant and animal cells including the structure of viruses.

Students will also have an understanding of DNA replication, transcription and translation along with cell division.


Students will conduct laboratory experiments and write reports. Students will demonstrate their knowledge using models, diagrams and graphs.

Biology students will develop a body of biology information such as notes, drawings, foldables and reflections in a spiral on a daily basis.


 Students will have access to the web textbook to use at home and use a classroom set of textbooks at school.

Students will have a TEKS Preparation and Study Guide workbook that compliments the textbook that will be used some of the time during the course.

Supplimental Resources (tutorials) can be found under useful links to extend classroom lessons

Power Points for each current unit is found in the document Manager at the top of the list. 

I am available afterschool for additional help for students who need assistance with assignments, clarification of content and/or makeup missed work. 


Pre AP/IB biology (PAP) students use the Pre-AP/IB Biology calendar at left menu to view daily events. 

Regular biology sutdents use the Biology calendar at left menu to view daily events.