Brenda Champlin

Geometry and Algebra I

This is my fifteenth year teaching math at Central Junior High. I have both a B.A. and a M.A. in Mathematics from UT Arlington. I enjoy teaching and look forward to working with your students.

1st Period - Pre-AP/IB Geometry

2nd Period - Algebra I

3rd Period - Algebra I

4th Period - Pre-AP/IB Geometry

5th Period - Algebra I

6th Period - Algebra I

7th Period - Conference


ALGEBRA  - AAA batteries (4), a pocker folder with brads, a box of tissues,  loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils, and pen or colored pencil

GEOMETRY - AAA batteries (4), a box of tissues, loose leaf notebook paper, graphing paper, pencils, pens or colored pencils, 6 inch ruler, compass, small protractor, and a calculator with the √  function (a TI-84+ graphing calculator is optional)


Name, date and period should be positioned in the upper right-hand corner.  The assignment title should be written in the center of the top line on the page.  Problems should be worked vertically and the answer boxed.   Failure to follow this format could result in a deduction of thirty points from the assignment.