Welcome to Coach Lowry's Physical Education class. I came to Bedford Jr. High in the fall of 1984 as a teacher/coach. I have been teaching P.E. and coaching at BJH and going on my 33rd  year. I attended Bedford Jr. High, and graduated from L.D.Bell High School and received my Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University .
My purpose is to assist students in achievieng and maintaining physical fitness, develop the ability to think, accept the comitments to honesty, and to respect the abitlities of themselves and others.
What you need:
1.  Any school colored t-shirt including gray.  (white, red, blue , gray)
2.  A bag for clothes
3.  athletic shoes
4.  a lock
5.  royal , navy or gray shorts or sweats.
This will be instructed the first week of school


Increased Energy, Better Muscular Strength, Improved Appearance ,Help in Dealing with Stress, Improved overall Health ,Improved Self Image, Improved Physical Performance ,Improved Ability to Sleep,and Improved Overall Daily Functioning.



For the 2016-2017 we will be executing many team, dual and individual sports with an emphasis on the Fitness Gram Test. This test consist of a mile run, curl-ups, push-ups, shoulder stretch, trunk lift and body fat. Students will have a pretest at the beginning of school and a post test in the spring.


Week of April 17-20


Monday:  Daily routine, Introduce team handball, throwing, catching, rules of the game

Tuesday: Daily routine, divided into tournament teams, review rules, play game

Wednesday: Fitness gram day, Mile run/walk under 15 min.

Thursday: Daily routine, team handball tournament

Friday:  Choice day.