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Room A327

1st Period (8:45 - 9:57):W History
2nd Period (10:04 - 11:16): ------CONFERENCE------
3rd Period:(11:23 - 1:19): Economics
4th Period (1:26 - 2:45): Economics
5th Period (2:52 - 3:57): Economics

In these classes we aim to change the way our students view and interact with  the world around them by understanding the various aspects of human history and basic economic principals that have an effect on them in the present, past and future! We produce excellent community members!


What's Next?

World History:

Unit 1 Foundations of World History Prehistory through 300 C.E.-Neolithic Rev., Early Civilizations, Classical Empires, Fall of Classical Civilizations, World Religions

Unit 2 Expanding Interactions 300-1500 C.E.-Feudalism, Byzantine Empire, the Islamic World and the Mongol Invasions



Unit 1 Thinking like an Economist.- What is Economics? Economic Systems. Free Enterprise System.

Unit 2 Understanding Markets- Demand & Supply. Prices. Market Structures.