It's been a great 2016-2017 school year!

I hope you have a great summer that is fun, relaxing and full of good memories with your kids! They have worked hard on their speech/language goals all year.

Parents,continue to encourage your child's correct articulation of sounds and/or using better language skills. In speech therapy, the students are given the strategies to use and your help at home is very important to the progress of your child.

You can help your child with correct articulation of sounds by: finding things in your home with that error sound and name them, talk about things you see on TV and in books with the sound. Have your child watch you say the sound correclty and encourage him/her to say it like you using their strategies they have learned in speech therapy.

Help your child communicate better by: Talk about routine things you do at home with your child, such as telling the steps to making a simple recipe, talk about what you will do during the day. Ask them questions about a TV show they watched or about a book as you read it with them. Talk to your child and ask them questions during everyday routines. These are great opportunities for language and articulation development!

A good website for ideas:

Have a wonderful summer break!

Kristi McCrary, Speech-Language Pathologist