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Coach Duren has been teaching Economics to the Trojan Nation for over twenty years!

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Economics and Free Enterprise

Economics is the study of how people and countries deal with the problem of scarcity--not enough goods and services to satisfy everyone's wants and needs. To understand this problem, students will study the market system, American business organizations, supply and demand, money and banking system, the national economy, international trade, and other economic systems.

Advanced Placement Macroeconomics

Economics AP is designed for mastery of the essential elements and sub-elements as well as extension beyond this mastery. Specific activities for higher level thinking and problem solving have been integrated into the course. Primary sources and scholarly works will be analyzed. Students are encouraged to work with statistical data and form hypotheses and generalizations concerning relationships among data. Numerous activities will center on the use of graphs, charts, and other raw data in an effort to extrapolate and ascertain fundamental statistical realities of the Free Market. Students will have the opportunity to take the Advanced Placement examination at the conclusion of the course.

7:45am to 8:35am
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