Welcome to Coach Hiles' 8th Grade U.S. History Classroom Webpage!

Howdy and welcome to U.S. History! I am Coach Hiles and am very excited to be teaching 8th grade U.S. History at Central Jr. High this year. I will be coaching Boy's Athletics this year as well. I am a product of HEBISD and a former L.D. Bell graduate. I received my Bachelors of Arts Degree from Texas A&M University where I majored in History and minored in English. Prior to becoming a teacher, I spent some time working as a Firefighter/EMT-B for the city of College Station Fire Department. I am thrilled to have the oppurtunity to teach 8th Grade U.S. History because my passion for history first started when I was a junior high 8th grader taking U.S. History!



Required supplies needed at the begiining of the school year:

All students must bring a 3" 3-ring binder with 20 dividers

2nd Period: Markers (at least 8 count)

3rd Period: Hand Sanitizer

5th Period: glue sticks

6th Period: 1 pack of notecards


                 Coach Hiles' Schedule                                                      Contact Information

         1st Period: Planning Period                                                            Collin Hiles

         2nd Period: 8th Grade US History                                    Phone: 817-283-4461 Ext. 7518

         3rd Period: 8th Grade US History                                    Email: collinhiles@hebisd.edu

         4th Period: Boy's Athletics

         5th Period: 8th Grade US History

         6th Period: 8th Grade US History

         7th Period: Boys' Athletics