Hurst Hills Elementary Suzuki Strings                                                                           Instructor: Dr. Kate Jones and Oscar Soler                                       


As part of the schools of Choice program, Hurst Hills Elementary is one of 10 schools in HEB to offer Suzuki Strings classes. Through a combination of private lessons, group lessons, daily listening, and home practice the students learn to play the violin, viola, cello or bass. Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument increases a student’s achievement in school. In addition, it provides a fun way for you to take an important role in your child’s education, while providing them with a skill to treasure for a lifetime. Applications for the Suzuki program are available in the front office. 



· · Attend weekly lessons with the home teacher present (parent, grandparent, etc.)

· · Document or record teaching points of the lesson to assist with home practice

· · Student and home teacher will practice consistently at home together to meet goals

· · Daily listening to the Suzuki recording

· · Attend scheduled group classes

· · Provide instrument and materials

· · Meet yearly goals to demonstrate adequate progress on the instrument

· · Participate in performances

· · Adhere to HEB Suzuki behavior expectations



The Suzuki method was developed in Japan in the 1940s by Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist and teacher, as a result of his sympathy for the children in post-war Japan. His goal was never solely to teach children how to play a musical instrument but to show how music can make a tremendous contribution to the learning process as a whole. Suzuki believed all children are capable of learning; talent is not an accident of birth and the potential of all children can be highly developed if they are given the proper training and learning environment. In his travels, he noticed that while he, as an adult, might have trouble speaking the language of the countries he visited, native children had no trouble. He thought about the way that children learn to speak their native tongue and developed guidelines for teaching the violin using the same principles. Children participating in Suzuki Strings are immersed in the sounds of their instrument, listening to recordings daily. Their parent is always beside them as a coach and cheerleader, supporting and helping the child learn at home. Just as we don’t chastise a child for mispronouncing his first word, the child is not criticized but allowed to learn at his or her own pace. This method of teaching has been used around the world to teach many musical instruments successfully. The official website of the Suzuki Association of the Americas contains more information about Dr. Suzuki and his philosophy.


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