Welcome! My name is Monica Piskor (Pronounced "Peace-Score"). You can call me Miss P.

I am the proud sponsors for Black Heritage Organization and African Dance Association, as well as one of the co-sponsors for the class of 2019.

I am so excited to be teaching Chemistry at Trinity High School for the 2016-2017 school year! Go Trojans!!!

Miss Piskor's Schedule

1: Conference

2: Chemistry B

-A Lunch

3: Chemistry B

4: Chemistry B

5: Chemistry B

Supplies and Materials for Class

- Either a binder or a composition notebook to organize materials (Students are responsible to keep up with materials)

- Pencil or pen

-Periodic Table (get from me)

-Safety Contract (get from me)

- Positive attitude and strong work ethic (bring with you)


Tutoring in the morning is available. I'm at school as early as 6:30 most days. By no means does that mean you need to be at morning tutorials that early. Show up whenever you need help. I'm always happy to help!

Afternoon tutorials are every day! I am available every Monday afternoon. Should you require afternoon tutoring on any other day, you will go to a different room depending on the day. Afternoon tutorials last until 4:45 pm.

Monday: Ms. Piskor - room S210

Tuesday: Ms. Hsieh - room S229

Wednesday: Ms. Johnson- room S230

Thursday: Mrs. Barton & Mrs. Chowdry - room S228 & S210

Friday: Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Chowdry - room S228 & S210