Welcome to Coach Hancock's 9th Grade World Geography page.  In addition to teaching 9th grade World Geography, I will also be coaching 7th grade girl's volleyball, 8th grade girl's basketball and 9th grade track. 

This year we will study the Earth, its people and their cultures, and how each society is connected to the others. We will begin the year with a detailed study of geographic terms and skills. Then, we will study the individual regions of the world, as well as how these regions relate to the United States. 

Supply List

Make sure you have a dedicated one inch binder with plenty of notebook paper.

A pencil and blue/black ink pen will be required every day. 

Highly Recommended Items (not required): Red pen, colored pencils, and highlighter. 


Be respectful

Be on time (according to the HJH tardy policy)

Complete and turn in all assignments

Leave my supplies in the classroom 


1st: Athletics

2nd: Conference

3rd: World Geography

4th: Advisory/World Geography

5th: World Geography

6th: World Geography

7th: Athletics

Tutoring is before school from 7:40-8:00 during basketball and track seasons, and after school from 3:25-4:00 during the volleyball season. 

Contact Information


817-285-3220 ext. 5119