Bienvenido a la clase de español!

Welcome to Senor Audi's page.  I am proud to be a Spanish teacher at Bedford Junior High.

A Bit About Sr. Audi

Ever since high school, I have had a strong interest in languages and global cultures, taking my first overseas trip (Ecuador) in the summer after my sophomore year.  Since then I have lived in or traveled to more than 20 nations, and my interest has only grown.  I am passionate about words and cultures, and I love trying to inspire some of that same curiosity in my students every day.

This is my third year in HEBISD and my ninth year teaching Spanish in the Metroplex.  Before that I taught ESL to adult learners in Texas, Virginia, and Istanbul, Turkey.

When I'm not at school, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our four little ones.  I also like reading, writing, hiking, playing sports, and stargazing from the hammock.

Here's to a great 2016-2017 school year!

Sr. Audi's Schedule

Pd 1: 9th grade Pre-AP Spanish 2
Pd 2: Conference Period
Pd 3: 8th grade Spanish Immersion
Pd 4: 9th grade Spanish Immersion
Pd 5: 9th grade Pre-AP Spanish 2
Pd 6: 9th grade Spanish Immersion
Pd 7: 7th grade Spanish Immersion

Conference time: 9:10-10:05
Tutorials: M-F 7:45-8:00; 3:15-3:45

Lesson Plans

Every day after class, a summary of what we did in class will be posted in the calendar section of this page.  Click on "Assignments" on the left margin.


Online Spanish dictionary
Quizlet flashcards - Question words
Quizlet flashcards - Subject pronouns
Quizlet flashcards - Span 2A vocabulary-de compras

817-788-3101 x5584

School Supplies

One spiral-bound or composition notebook for taking notes.  This MUST be brought to class every day.  Also, all students are asked to bring one box of tissue and one pack of 3 x 5 cards, which we will pool and use throughout the school year.


Additionally, Sr. Audi will gladly accept any donation of the following items (listed in order of need):

Dry Erase Markers 
Hand Sanitizer 
Colored Pencils 
Baggies (for vocab pic cards)
Paper Towels