Supply list for 2017-2018

The following items are REQUIRED for Pre-AP and AP classes

*3 Ring Binder, 3 inch Required

*3 Ring Binder, 1 inch Required

*Notebook Paper (loose or in a spiral)

*Writing Utensils: Blue or Black Ink pens 


*Red Pen(s) 

*1 Composition Notebook

*1-2 packages of lined note cards (more may be needed as the year progresses) (AP classes only)

*You may want rubber bands to secure your note cards.  (AP classes only)

*Other supplies may be required on a class by class basis.   



-Class documents (with the exceptions of tests, quizzes and mapping challenges) are on this page under Document Manager. Documents are uploaded the day of being assigned.

*Reminder, with class documents once you choose your folder please click DATE and they will be listed in the order they were added.  This will help with your class timeline. 

**There is also a make up bin in class that has assignments/handout copies in chronological order. This bin is only cleaned out at the end of the 6 weeks.  Students have been aware of this bin all year and know they are responsible for getting the extra copies they might need due to absences or late work.

****Pre-AP and AP classwork will be marked in the upper left corner so they will not be confused.*****

-The Calendar lists the activities/homework of the day.  

Please contact Mrs. Buchanan if you have any questions.  

All AP Human Geography Documents have been uploaded into a file under Document Manager. 

Please contact me should you have any questions.  These documents will be available throughout the summer.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings beginning at 7:30 am

Monday-Thursday afternoons beginning after school through 4 pm at least. 

Any changes to this schedule will be updated via Remind 101.