2016- 2017  FUnkY MonkEYs!

 We are going to have an amazing YEAR!
Our enthusiasm is contagious!

Once a FunKy MonKey,
Always a FunKy MonKey!

Empowering today,
to excel

A message of THANKFULNESS for you from us!

Video under construction will be placed here


Daily Schedule
Room is open to students at 7:40am
School Begins at 7:50
Rotation 1:   8:00- 9:30
Fine Arts: 9:30- 10:15
SAFARI 10:15- 10:45
Rotation 2: 10:45- 12:15

 Lunch:   12:15- 12:45
Recess: 12:45- 1:15
Rotation 3:  1:15- 2:45  Literacy Time: 2:45- 3:00


to students who qualified to represent our 4th grade this year in our campus
spelling bee:

Bryant Howard  Andrew Walley
Micah Gutierrez   Masen Malone
Luke Moore   Rose Skidmore
Emma Kenny  Braydee Hopper
December 13th 8:30am


May 19, 2017    Austin Adventure!
* 1st Payment due Nov. 30th- $38.75 
  cash or Money Order only please


Empowering today,
to excel

Important Reminders: 

2016- 2017 School Year
7:50 (New Start Time)- 3:00 (Same Dismissal Time)

 Nov 28th- Dec 2nd -
Book Fair
Nov 30th
- Austin Payment
due $40.00
Dec 1st- Family Engagement
Reading Night 6-7pm
Dec 13th
- Campus Spelling
Bee 8:30am


Here in our classroom, you will be provided a journey of choices where amazing opportunities are presented daily for a lifetime of enrichment!

"W.B. Yeats once wrote, 'Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of the fire.' 

 My Personal Mission Statement
My mission as an educator is to strive each day to develop the unlimited and unique potential within each student. To achieve this, I make it a priority to create a safe space, foster great character, and to provide engaging, yet challenging lessons that facilitate a desire and love of learning.  

Vision: We are the ones empowering students to achieve excellence!

Core Values:
1. Do what is right
2. Perform with excellence
3. Respect others

 Our 2015 Student Created  Language Arts Mission Statement

We are at school to get an education and prepare
for our future as a good citizen. In Language Arts,
we will focus on improving our writing and
speaking skills. We will make this happen by
focusing on our tasks, challenging ourselves, and
taking personal responsibility. We will use CHAMPS to guide our actions each day!

 Hurst Hills Mission Statement
As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I will soar to excellence by showing respect and responsibility, and challenging myself to reach my goals.