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 Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Administrators,

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"Point of View is Not Up to You" by Jasmine Cabrera

Social Studies Class - At The Moment

9th Grade - AP Human Geography

9th Grade - Pre-AP/IB World Georgaphy

8th Grade - U.S. History to Reconstruction


- Manditory U.S. History Tutorials every Tuesday

Before School - 7:25 to 7:55

After School - 3:25 to 3:55

- My classroom is open for questions and help every morning at 7:25 unless I am required for a meeting and after school until 4:45 unless I am required for a meeting.

*Exceptions approved at teacher discretion*


Parents and Students

Please note that I follow HEB ISD policy of updating grades as soon as I can, with a maximum turn around time of 5 days and a goal of 2 days.  To help communicate whether a student has turned in an assignment, I assign an X for grades that have been turned in or are excused and I assign a Z for grades that have not been turned in.  X's do not count towards a student's grade while a Z counts as a zero in the grade book.  A grade with a mark of Z can be made up and turned in. A grade of 0 cannot as that student already turned in the work to for a final grade.  In terms of extra-credit work, I stress that as long as students take care of their daily work and study for test, they will never need to concern themselves with extra-credit.  In rare occasions though, small opportunities for extra credit are provided and discussed with classes.

About Mr. Herrmann

This is my 9th year in education and third year at Central Junior High School.  Previously, I served as a world geography teacher in Killeen I.S.D. at R. M. Shoemaker High School for two years before leaving to pursue a M. Ed. degree at Texas State University.  Upon completion of my degree, I moved to the DFW area and began serving as a substitute in a few of the local school districts.  I made my way to Bedford Junior High in 2011 during the spring semester, taking over Mr. McNatt's world geography classes.  I also taught at L.D. Bell High school as a world history teacher and served as a football and track coach during the 2014-2015 school year.  I am very excited to be at such a wonderful school and truly look forward to all the amazing educational opportunities that will take place in my classroom this year.