Howdy!  I am Mr. Noel Scoggins, Physics teacher at Trinity High School.  I earned a B.S. in Physics from Texas A&M University (whoop!), after which I spent ~30 years in the semiconductor business in roles varying from engineering to program management to marketing and business analysis.  I have been an educator since 2002, first as a private school administrator and now as a classroom teacher.  I am extremely excited to be part of the Trinity community, and I enjoy working with my students each day as we journey together toward a more thorough understanding of how and why the physical world around us behaves the way that it does.

2016-2017 1st Trimester Schedule

  • 1st Period -- Physics A
  • 2nd Period -- Conference Period
  • 3rd Period -- Physics A
  • 4th Period -- Physics A
  • 5th Period -- Physics A


There are times when one-to-one instruction from a teacher in a focused setting (tutoring) is beneficial.  To that end, tutoring sessions are by appointment only, and I will work those out directly with the student as needed.  If a student feels that he/she is struggling with a concept or technique or if he/she simply needs additional information about topics we are covering in class, he/she should never hesitate to make a tutoring appointment.  If I perceive that a student would benefit from one-on-one instruction, I will make a tutoring appointment with him/her.


  • Small 3-ring binder for notes and assignments
  • College-ruled notebook paper
  • #2 pencil(s) or HB mechanical pencil(s) with eraser
  • Eraser(s)
  • 3x5 notecards

Again, I look forward to working with you this year!