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Spring (1st) Trimester Schedule:

 1st Period: Boys Soccer

2nd Period: Advanced Quantitative Reasoning A

3rd Period: Advanced Quantitative Reasoning A

4th Period: Advanced Quantitative Reasoning A

5th Period: Advanced Quantitative Reasoning A

 Tutoring: 4:00-4:30 pm M-Th

(Also, Monday Night Tutoring in the Library 4:00-6:00pm - Any subject)

Supply List:

Pencils (Please, no pens!)

Spiral Notebook (for notes) 

Paper Pocket Folder with 3 prongs (for assignments and organization)


(Calculators are available in class, but may NOT leave the classroom)

Geometry students: a straightedge or protractor, are helpful, but are not a requirement

In Class Policies

As you enter high school, you are young adults and I will expect you to act like young responsible adults in my classroom, and in return, I will treat you like a young adult.  Please follow the main rules below while in my room.

  * R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  * Respect Me.  Respect Others.  Respect Yourself.

  * No Food or Drinks

  * Bottled water is acceptable.

  * No Cell Phones or Electronics

* Kept them out of sight.

* If seen, they will be taken up.


Thank you.