~Mrs. Dutton~

8th Grade Science: Room 220

  Supplies Students Need for Mrs. Dutton’s Science Class:

2 – Composition Books

1 – Box of Tissue

1 – Pocket Folder with Brads

1 – Package of Colored Pencils

(These supplies are in addition to the expected daily requirement of having a pencil to write with and a binder to organize your materials in.)

Supplies Required by Class - (Only Bring Supplies Designated for the Class Your Student Is In):  

1st period - 1 package of notebook paper

2nd period - Clorox Wipes

3rd period - 1 box of ziploc bags (qt./gal.)

4th period - 2 bottles of glue (not gluestick)

5th period - 1 package of coloredconstruction paper

6th Period – 1 pack age of notecards 

We will be doing SEVERAL activities that involve creativity in our interactive student notebooks. Special pens, markers, or other art supplies and HIGHLY encouraged!!