Ms. J's Homepage

Hi! My name is Michelle Johnson, and I have been a part of HEBISD since 2008.

Working at THS was my dream. Now it's my life, and life is good.


My Schedule:

1: Chemistry A

2: Chemistry A

A Lunch

3: Conference

4: IPC A

5: IPC A

THS Chemistry Rules and Expectations: Every student will keep a signed copy in his/her data folder.  In Room S230, we are fearless and awesome scientists. I am fortunate to have these kids!

Daily Supplies (what you need):

  • Pencil or pen
  • Folder with pockets (This will be your data folder)
  • Periodic Table (get from me)
  • Safety Contract (get from me)
  • Class Expectations (get from me)
  • Goals Sheet (get from me)
  • Great attitude and Work ethic (bring it with you)

Extra Credit: Only an option when regular credit is complete

Tutoring is always available in the AM beginning at 8 by appointment only. Dropping by for a quick question does NOT require an appontment. For afternoon availabilty, please see our Tutorial Schedules posted outside each Chemistry room..

GRADES: You may always check grades online. Students are encouraged to ask me about grades at anytime outside of class time. Retests: Allowed when all classwork is complete. If a student fails a test, a tutorial is mandatory so we can figure out a plan for the student.

See your counselor if you have not signed up to view online grades. If you are absent, a "1" will be entered into the gradebook until the work is made up. Your new grade will be entered ASAP.

Lab Days require proper clothing and behavior specified in our safety contracts.


  I dig the Dallas Cowboys , the outdoors, and my dogs...but most of all, I dig:

My Trinity Family...Welcome Home!

    Embracing Diversity While Continuing Lifelong Excellence