Welcome to Mrs. Moss' Fifth Grade Classroom!


Have a fun and safe summer!

  Important Dates!


HEB ISD Mission

The mission of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District is to continue its proud tradition of excellence as a diverse, high-performing organization committed to ensuring each student is empowered today to excel tomorrow.

 2014-2019 District Goals

1. Student Achievement

2. Effective and Efficient Operation for ALL Components

3. Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

4. Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

5. Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders 

Stonegate Expectations

1. I come to school ready to learn and to allow others to learn.

2. I am responsible for my own learning.

3. I am respectful of others through my actions and words.

5th Grade Mission Statement

 The Fifth Grade Teachers are committed to promoting student achievement and success through a learner-centered balance of motivation and interventions. 

We are committed to teaching the HEB Curriculum, monitoring classroom progress through Continuous Improvement, and establishing nurturing relationships with our students.


Stonegate Elementary Mission Statement

Stonegate Elementary will empower each child to be their best by providing a safe and engaging learning environment.

HEB Core Messages 

1. Students are responsible for their own learning.

2. Quality teachers and effective schools are essential to students' learning.

3. Parents and patrons are vital partners in the educational process.

4. A safe environment for every student and employee is a prerequisite to learning.

5. Decisions and actions, at all levels, focus on and support effective student learning.

Tips for Success!

-Always be sure to check your child's MOOSE for important assignments and information that may be sent home.

-Make sure you and your child set aside time each night for homework and 30 minutes of reading. Initial in their MOOSE.

-Please review with them any missed problems on graded papers.

-Make sure they get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast in the morning. 

**Please feel free to email or call me at anytime. My classroom number is 817-283-4461 ext.5680 . I will return any calls and emails as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to having a great year with you and your child.**