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AP/IB English 3

Welcome to IB English 3. This course will give college-bound students the opportunity to earn college credit through the  AP (Advanced Placement) Test and fulfill the IB Diploma expectations. Typically, successful AP/IB students are task-oriented, proficient readers who are able to prioritize their time and who also have parental support. With demanding reading requirements and an emphasis on sophisticated compositions, AP/IB English strengthens the two most important factors for college success-reading and writing skills. 

 Here are the major works we will cover.

AP/IB English 3A Fall Trimester

  • The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (summer reading - please purchase, check out, borrow or download)
  • Oedipus Rex by Sophocles (supplied by the teacher - in class reading)
  • Crime and Punishment Graphic Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (supplied by the teacher - in class reading)
  • A Collection of Short Works by Clarice Lispector

Winter Trimester Assignments

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hossieni (please purchase, check out, borrow or download)

 AP/IB English 3B Spring Trimester

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hossieni (WINTER READING - please purchase, check out, borrow or download)
  • Anthem by Ayn Rand (please purchase, check out, borrow or download for free on-line)
  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (supplied by the teacher)


**Winter and Spring readings may change based on the planning of the AP/IB Junior planning.***

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


Welcome to TOK!  

 Theory of knowledge  is assessed through an oral presentation and a 1,600 word essay. It asks students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know. TOK is part of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, and is mandatory for all students.

How is TOK structured?

  As a thoughtful and purposeful inquiry into different ways of knowing, and into different kinds of knowledge, TOK is composed almost entirely of questions.

The most central of these is "How do we know?", while other questions include:

  • What counts as evidence for X?
  • How do we judge which is the best model of Y?
  • What does theory Z mean in the real world?

Through discussions of these and other questions, students gain greater awareness of their personal and ideological assumptions, as well as developing an appreciation of the diversity and richness of cultural perspectives.

English 2- Winter Trimester

Welcome to English 2! This is our final push to help all of our sophomores achieve success on the English II EOC Test. Our course is divided into three main units. Unit 1- analyzing poetry from the bible as well as passages from other various places. Unit 2- We will read the disturbing and powerful memoir Night by Elie Wiesel. Finally in Unit 3- we will read the classic Greek Drama Antigone by Sophocles. Throughout each unit we will also be focusing on the essential English skills necessary to be successful in life as well as pass the English EOC. These include but are not limited to: comprehension, literary concepts, vocabulary, grammar, usage, mechanics, composition. I love the sophomore curriculum and look forward to a wonderful trimester!

Creative Writing

Welcome to Creative Writing! This is a class that is as unique as the people in it. We begin each trimester by allowing the students to shape and mold their curriculum based on their specific interests. We will use anything and everything to serve as inspiration for our writings. Movies, music, children's stories, life events, nature...you name it! Students will have opportunities to submit their writings to state and national contests as well as have the chance to be published in Labrynith, Trinity's literary magazine.

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Testing Dates!
  • APQT March 30, 2017
  • AP Language Test May 10, 2017


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