Coach Monroe's 8th Grade Math Classroom


Welcome to my 8th grade Math class. This will be my 12th year at Central Jr. High. I started my journey at CJH as the Library & ISS aide back in 2007. Then, for 3 years I taught 8th grade TAKS (STAAR) Math. Current;y, this will be my seventh year teaching 8th grade On-Level Math as well as STAAR math again. I was a 7th-9th girls athletics and cheerleading coach for 6 years.  I was recognized as the 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year at CJH! It was quite an honor. I have been married for 9 wonderful years. My husband and I have 2 beautiful sons, Steele who is 3 1/2 years old and Grayson who is 6 months old! Our newest member of the family is Ranger, our 4 month old Labrador puppy. I have a B.A. degree in Psychology as well as a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington. I have spent my entire education career at Central and love the students and staff here. I am proud to say I am a member of the Spartan family! Go Spartans!

I am excited for your student to be a part of my class this year! My students will be expected to come to class prepared to learn! This means they will bring their required supplies and be on time everyday. I encourage all my students to be in class everyday.
My goal is to have a safe classroom where ALL my students can learn!
Parent Conferences: I am available 12:45 - 1:30 everyday. Parents may contact me by email (see link to the left) or by phone (ext. 7527). Sit down conferences may be arranged as well.

REMIND101: **SIGN UP FOR EMAIL/TEXT ALERTS FROM MRS. MONROE** - receive text alert and/or emails from Mrs. Monroe for updates on progress reports, major assignments, etc. It's FREE to sign up (standard text messaging rates still apply)! Download and follow the instructions in the attachment below to sign up. ALL numbers and email addresses are kept confidential! Sign your student up to receive the alerts as well.
On-Level Math Grades: Homework/In-class assignments = 50%
Test/Projects = 50%
STAAR Math Grades: In class assignments/Activities = 50%
Quizzes/Projects = 50%
  - Before school: I am available any day at 7:35. Please let me know a day in advance if you want to meet for tutoring in the morning. There is a morning Math tutor available at 7:30 EVERY day in the Library.
  - After school: I am available everyday after school until 4:00.

Homework & Class Notes: All assignments are posted on the "Homework Calendar" (see link to the left) When available, the class notes, teacher notes, homework assignment, and/or webcast will be attached. These resources may be used as tools for assistance with homework. Some notes and homework assignments may be printed from the calendar, if needed. (i.e when your student forgets their  homework in their locker!) Please use these resources to help your student with assignments when needed!