I grew up the fourth of six children in northern New Jersey. My father was a manager of a weekly newspaper and my mother was a speech therapist and teacher. My interest in learning about the written word and compassion for people came from them.  The year that I left home to attend college at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, my family moved to Ocean City, NJ which has become one of my favorite places!  After meeting my husband at college and getting married, we moved to the Mid-Cities area where we have raised all three of our now grown children.  I have worked for HEBISD since 2000, and have enjoyed teaching Reading at CJH for eleven years.

 If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail or by telephone during 

my conference period at 817.354.3350 X 7523.


1st - Reading  

2nd - Planning/Conference (9:05-9:45)

3rd - Reading 

4th - Reading

5th - Reading

6th- Reading

7th - Reading

  TUTORING (It is best to schedule time with me)

BEFORE SCHOOL: 7:30-8:00/AFTER SCHOOL:  3:15-4:00



Reading class is designed to give students support, guidance and strategies to enable them to become better readers. Students will analyze different kinds of reading material. They will learn how to determine an author's message, utilize a variety of comprehension skills and practice applying more rigorous vocabulary in order to prepare for the Reading STAAR test.Students are strongly encouraged to read as much as possible at home and are given the opportunity to participate in individual or group tutoring which will further support their learning.

READING SUPPLIES - Box of Tissues - Spiral Notebook