Welcome to Ms. Ouimette's 8th Grade Math Class

  Math: The only subject where someone can buy 65 watermellons and no one asks why! Welcome to 8th grade math.  

A little about me: I graduated from the University of Michigan...GO BLUE!!!  I have two daughters. Jenna is an 8th grader at Harwood Junior High and Hailey is a Sophmore at Trinity High School.  This is my 10th year at Bedford Junior High.  My first 9 years were spent teaching 9th Grade Algebra.  I am very happy to be on the 8th grade math team this year.  

8th Grade Math(Pre-Algebra) Supply List

  • 5-Subject Spiral Notebook (with plastic or vinyal cover)
  • Pencils (needed everyday)
  • 5 pack of glue sticks (for classroom)
  • 1 Solid Color Pocket Folder with Brads (see below for class color) 
1st period – Yellow
2nd Period - Blue
3rd Period – Green
4th Period Red
5th period – Purple
6th Period – Orange
7th Period – Black

8th Grade STAAR Math Supply List
  • 2 One-Subject Sprial Notebooks 
  • 5 pack of glue sticks (for classroom)
  • 1 box of kleenex

 Ms. Ouimette's Wish List:  

Glue Sticks


Hand Sanitizer




We will use a graphing calculator every day in class.  Although it is not required, I strongly encourage getting a graphing calculator.  I recommend you get a TI-83 Plus, or TI-84 Plus.  



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