Hi , my name is Beth Hammond, I just finished my twenty ninth year teaching eighth and/or ninth grade  I have my Masters degree as a reading specialist. I have been in the HEB district for thirteen years. My conference period is third period. You can reach me at 817-354-3350 extension 7559.


1st perod - 8:15-9:05 - Reading

 2nd period - 9:10-10:05 -Speech

3rd period - 10:10-11:00 -Conference

 4th period - 11:05-12:30 - Duty

 5th period - 12:35- 1:25 - Reading

 6th period - 1:30-2:20 - Speech

 7th period -2:25-3:15 -  Reading

9th Reading - Each six weeks we will incorporate reading skills through a literature based program. Each six weeks we will be using short stories, plays,poetry and novels; to enhance comprehension and vocabulary skills. We will be reading independently and as a class. Supplies will be a  one subject spiral.

Speech - We will be presenting several different types of speeches throughout the semester.  We will start with the speech TEKS ,  the second six weeks we will be conducting an outside interview project. The third six weeks we will be giving informational and persuasive speeches.  Supplies will be:white note cards