Mrs. Bihm'

Advanced Academics

1st Grade

Cam Jansen: Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur Bones

We continue to work on their grade level skills during STRIPE time. We currently finished Cam Jansen and are about to create our own Mental Pictures with questions to quiz our friends.


2nd Grade

The Boxcar Children

We are almost finished reading and practicing summarizing chapters. Next we will embark on our first Depth and Complexity Activity! We will start with DETAILS!!!


 3rd Grade

The Wish Giver

The kiddos are working hard writing their own stories about a wish gone wrong!

4th Grade

Biography Research & Hatchet Novel Study

Who was __________? OR Who is ___________?

Poetry Connection

Research Paper


Hatchet - Survival Theme

Science and Math Connections UPCOMING Project

5th Grade

Biography Research & the Cay Novel Study

Who was __________? OR Who is ___________?

Poetry Connection

Research Paper

the Cay - Survival Theme

Science and Math Connections Project






Spring Break Week

March 14-18

Easter/Spring Bonus Holiday

March 25


March 29



H-E-B's District Motto








H-E-B District Goals



1. Student Achievement

2. Effective and Efficient Operations for All

3.Quality Teaching, Administrative, & Support Staff

4. Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

5. Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders 



Hurst Hills Mission Statement

 As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I Will Soar to Excellence by Showing Respect and Responsibility, and Doing My Best to Reach my Goals.


Vision: We are the ones empowering students to  achieve excellence!


Core Values:

1. Do what is right

2. Perform with excellence

3. Respect others