Welcome to Mrs. Bassett's Web Page!


You have done an amazing job this year & I am very proud of you!

You are now THIRD GRADERS!! Have a wonderful summer.



Ways to Prevent the "Summer Slide"

  1. READ READ READ - Read as much as you can this summer! Join the Summer Reading Challenge at the Hurst Public Library, download books on your ipad, read on Raz-Kids, read magazines, read comic books, read the newspaper - READ READ READ
  2. Write - continue to write in your writer's notebook.  Write down the stories about what you do each day or what adventure you would LIKE to take. Write letters to your friends, or to me!
  3. Math - Practice your Flash Cards (+ - x) as much as you can. This will help you get faster. Go online to STRETCH Fast Math and play those math games to get better.
  4. Be an Explorer/Scientist - see what you can discover in the world around you - then record what you find in your Science Notebook!


  • Returning Student Registration - July 29th
  • New Student Registration - Aug. 4th
  • Meet the Teacher Night - Aug. 21st
  • 1st Day of School 2014-2015 - Aug. 25th

2nd Grade Schedule

8:00-8:05 Morning announcements and procedures   8:10-9:50 Reading Workshop/Word Work/Writing Workshop
9:50-10:35 STRIPES/Intervention
10:35-10:45 Prepare for lunch
10:45-11:15 LUNCH
11:15-11:45 RECESS
11:45-1:15 Math
1:15-2:00 P.E./Music/Art
2:00-2:55 Science/Social Studies-snack time
2:55-3:00 Pack up/Dismissal

STRIPE: 9:50-10:35

Computer Lab: Thursday

Library: Wednesday

Our Classroom WIsh List

  • Germ-X
  • Shaving Cream (non-menthol)
  • Markers 
  • Dry Erase Markers (skinny)
  • Colored Ink Pads
  • Chlorox Wipes (must be wipes, no spray)
  • Various sizes of envelopes for writer's toolkit
  • Various sizes of small notepads, sticky notes for writer's toolkit

Ways for Parents to Help
Read each night with your child and practice your numerals! Make sure your child eats a good breakfast and gets plenty of sleep. Your child may bring a water bottle with a sports top as well as a healthy snack each day. We go to recess every day as well as PE every week so tennis shoes to run in are required.

Ways to contact me:
817-382-4461 Ext. 5375

The school is open at 7:20am. If your child eats breakfast, he/she should arrive before 7:40am so they have time to eat before the 1st bell. If not, your child should go to the gym and to the area marked for 2nd Grade until the first bell rings at 7:50am. Your child needs to be in his/her seat, ready to begin the day when the second bell rings at 8:00am. We are busy learning every day!