A supply list can be found in the Document Manager. Other important materials will be placed their as we go, so feel free to check their often. I am also always looking for helpful math sites. These can be found in Useful Links. If you have ideas on how this site could benefit you more, please contact me. I am always looking for ways to "work smarter"!!

This is my 28th year as a teacher, my 15th at Trinity. I am a 1983 graduate of Trinity and a 1987 graduate of UT - Arlington.  I am also a presenter for the National Math and Science Initiative, an organization that trains and supports teachers across the nation, helping them challenge students in the classroom.
My philosophy of teaching has evolved over the years.  I am a math nerd by nature, and it took me several years of teaching to realize that all of my students are not. In fact, some of them do not even like math! Because of this, it is my goal to make math seem relevant, interesting, and less intimidating. My goal is for each student to walk out of the class each day (1) confident that they have learned something that day, (2) sure that they can be successful on the assignment at hand, and (3) smiling because they have enjoyed their time in class. 
My emphasis is learning "why"...developing thinking skills, getting outside of the box to solve problems.  Being faced with something you don't understand is not a negative...it is an opportunity to grow.  Overcoming a problem deepens your knowledge of the subject and builds confidence in your abilities.  In my opinion, that is education in its purest form.

My Schedule for the FALL TRIMESTER...

1st Period - Algebra 2A-12  

2nd Period - Algebra 2A-12

3rd Period - Algebra 2A-12

4th Period - Conference

5th Period - Football