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HEB Core Messages:

  1.  Students are responsible for their own learning
  2.  Quality teachers and effective schools are essential to students' learning.
  3.  Parents and patrons are vital partners in the educational process.
  4.  A safe environment for every student and employee is a prerequisite to learning.
  5.  Decisions and actions, at all levels, focus on and support effective student learning.

2014-2019 District Goals: 

Goal 1 -  Student Acheivement
Goal 2 -  Effective and Efficient Operations for All Components
Goal 3 -  Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff
Goal 4 -  Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools
Goal 5 Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders

North Euless is a Title I School that earned the rating of

 "Met Standard with five TEA Distinctions for 2013-2014".




Reading is so important for improving reading fluency and comprehension. 

Parents, if you are able, please allow your child to read aloud to you.  It really will make a difference!  They should be reading a minimum of 100 minutes a week.  I encourage them to read the library books that we pick out from the library.  These books are on their reading level.  When they are finished reading the book, they need to come to school and take a Reading Counts test.  Remember, Reading Counts is worth two grades- one for the number of points and one for their quiz average.  I also encourage them to use a response journal to take down notes about what they read as well and write down their ideas, questions, and feelings about the book they are reading.  They can use this journal during their Reading Counts tests.


Mrs. Averitt's Classroom Mission Statement

Our mission is to become better readers and writers.  We will do this by working hard at home and school, listening, paying attention, talking at appropriate times, making good choices, being respectful of others, staying on task, and working together.





Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or would like to discuss your child. I check emails daily and will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have an emergency, please call the office at 817-354-3505. Thank you very much.