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 Due to storm damage in Houston and Florida, we have had to reschedule our DLB Books, Inc. Bilingual Book Fair.


It will be held on Tuesday, January 30, Wednesday, January 31, and Thursday, February 1.


Great books will be available in English and Spanish!

DLB Books, Inc. ,Todd LeCronier, Co-Owner, www.dlbbooks.com

Parents / Caregivers / Guests may purchase before school (7:15 on) Tues. Jan. 30,  Weds. Jan. 31, and Thurs. Feb. 1.

After school, the book fair will be open until 6:30 on Tues. Jan 30, until 3:30 on Weds. Jan. 31, and until 3:30 on Thurs. Feb. 1.

Students visiting the book fair before or after school must be with an adult.

Payment: cash or AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER charge cards accepted,

as long as the scan machine is working.  No checks, please.

One of the best things your family can do is build a home library with books you treasure.

Thank you for attending our book fair!


Please bring your summer reading certificate from the public library to show Mrs. Zorn and your new teacher and Mrs. Clark!  If you earned the HEB Reads t-shirt, we will take a photo of that group of students and staff soon.

Students entering 3rd through 6th grades:  Be sure to bring your list of Texas Bluebonnet Award books which you read during the summer to add to your TBA reading log when school resumes.
We hope you enjoyed participating in the community challenge!  We will let you know soon if we met Mrs. Kirkendall's challenge to increase the number of summer reading club participants from Shady Oaks at the Hurst Public Library!
Congratulations to our 2017 Texas Bluebonnet Award Readers! 
Students in grades 3-6 were challenged to read at least 5 of the 2017 nominees for the Texas Bluebonnet Award, and at least 15 other TBA books from any year to earn their t-shirt. 
Thank you to our wonderful PTA for providing our t-shirts! Thank you to 5th grader Ethan for designing our great t-shirt. The alien theme includes spaceships and planets as well as the aliens: 

 "Abduct a Good Book - Captura un Buen Libro!"

Our students began reading the nominees for the 2018 Texas Bluebonnet Award last January  Some have even finished their reading log to become a 2018 TBA reader - WOW! Students and will have until January, 2018 to complete their reading log to earn next year's t-shirt, which will be designed by a TBA reader.  Start thinking about a terrific design for our t-shirt!




Our 5th grade book club, "The Order of the Book," enjoyed Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's Newbery Award winner and former Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee _Shiloh_. We were glad to learn that there are three sequels to enjoy, too.

Thank you to our wonderful PTA for donating these books to our library!


Thank you to everyone who attended our DLB Books Bilingual Book Fair!  We will receive lots of new books for our library because of your purchases! 


DLB is a Full Service Distributor   DLB Books, Inc. ,Todd LeCronier, Co-Owner, www.dlbbooks.com


The Bookjoy Bridge

Together, cada dia, every day,

we're building the bridge to bookjoy.

Young and old stroll across it chatting night and day.

Together, cada dia, every day,

in many languages, library families say,

"Reading. A happy habit we enjoy!"

Together, cada dia, every day,

You and I build the bridge to bookjoy.


Author Pat Mora, Fall 2016 "Children and Libraries," p. 7

  One of the best things your family can do is build a home library with books you treasure.


  HEB ISD STEM & School Libraries Department Mission:

We strive to provide students and staff with on-demand and in-time access to quality resources that will meet their educational needs and ensure continued academic success in HEB ISD.


Please be sure to click on the links in the menu to the left to access the catalog, create a reading list using your lexile with QuizList, and explore our wonderful online research databases.  Useful Links: SQWORLS will take you to areas to find suggested reading lists for all ages, author information, fantastic iPad app information, as well as websites for learning and recreation.  Great study websites for preparing for the upcoming Geography Bee can be found on a SQWORL in Useful Links, too.

Please click on "Contact Mrs. Zorn" to send an email about anything on the library website or library-related.  Parents can visit the library before and after school to check out books from our great parenting section, too. 

One of the highlights of our 15-16 school year was being able to host one of our favorite authors, Obert Skye, to talk about his books and to highlight writing skills for our 4th graders as they prepared for their STAAR writing test.  It was Mr. Skye's fourth visit to Shady Oaks since 2007.  For many years, our students have been enjoying the books from his four series: "Leven Thumps," "Pillage," "The Creature from My Closet," and "Witherwood Reform School."

The film in the attachment below is from one of Mr. Skye's previous visits.  As the film begins, he had just asked "Who here likes to read?" and it was fun to see all of the hands fly up!  We hope you enjoy his story about how he became a reader!

So much learning happens in our library media center! Please remember that parents are welcome to visit our library media center from 7:40 - 8:00 before school or 3:00 - 3:15 after school to choose books. We have a great collection of books about parenting, and you may also choose books to share with your children.

Checkout: Each class is scheduled for a weekly checkout period. Please contact Mrs. Zorn to find out which is your child's checkout day. Even though your child checks out books from our school's library media center each week, please remember that it is still very important to make regular trips - adventures! - to the Hurst Public Library! You will be absolutely amazed by all of their books and media materials!

Research and Technology Projects: Teachers may schedule groups to visit the library media center to work  with Mrs. Zorn's assistance on research and technology projects which support the curriculum.

Library Instruction: Mrs. Zorn teaches library instruction classes to each homeroom. 

Assignments: Assignments are usually not given, other than to always work hard to find books you will love to read during checkout periods and at your public library, and then to READ - READ - READ those great books!  The more you read, the more you know....



Do you have a family of "wild readers?"  In Donalyn Miller's wonderful book, Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer's Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits (which you can borrow from our library) she discusses how to create enthusiastic, lifelong readers.  One of her suggestions is that the adults in the family read voraciously to serve as good role models of being avid readers for our children / students.


If you would like some suggestions of interesting books to read, our great Texas Library Association is happy to help!  You know about their Texas Bluebonnet Award reading list, but did you know they also offer book lists for all ages - even for adults?  Visit http://www.txla.org/Lariat to find this year's suggestions, as well as Lariat lists from previous years.


We are excited that we will be celebrating our 5th annual

International Dot Day on Friday, October 6th!
The day is a wonderful celebration of creativity:
"make a mark, and see where it takes you!"

Click here to enjoy photos from International Dot Day at SOE September, 2013.

and click on the link below for photos from previous celebrations: 


 Click here for more information about this special day: International Dot Day


 Research shows..."School libraries are a powerful force in the lives of America's children. The school library is one of the few factors whose contribution to academic achievement has been documented empirically, and it is a contribution that cannot be explained away by other powerful influences on student performance." 

"What Research Tells Us About the Importance of School Libraries"

 Keith Curry Lance, Ph.D.