Bluebonnet Reading List Challenge for Grades 3-6.

Parents and students! Any 3rd-4th grade student that reads 5 bluebonnet novels and passes their RC quiz on them will get to vote for their favorite bluebonnet book in January 2016. They will also win a free book at the book fair* in March. and a prize from Mr. Canning's treasure box (you can earn even more prizes for each 5 bluebonnets that one reads. Since there are 20 bluebonnets that means you can earn up to 4 prizes, but I can only afford to give away one book, sorry.)

*Book can cost no more than $10. If more than 20 students meet this challenge than there will be a drawings for the books instead.

Texas 2x2 Reading Challenge for Grades PK-2

This reading list is especially made for younger children. If a student read's 10 2x2 books the student can earn a prize from Mr. Canning's treasure box. If a student reads all 20 the student can earn 2 prizes!