The Book Fair is Coming!!!

This year it is going to be a Scholastic Book Fair!

This will give us different books and items to choose from as well as old time favorites.

Why should one support the book fair? The book fair helps our library improve in lots of ways. Last year's book fair profits helped to...

  • Purchase additional new library books beyond the normal library book budget such as books for PreK through 2nd and an additonal set of Bluebonnet Books.
  • Incentives for reading such as Mr. Canning's Library Treasure Box and give away books.
  • An alphabet carpet and alphabet carpet squares to younger students find a place to sit when they come to story time in the library.

This year the library plans to use profits to...

  • Buy additional books for the library, preferably for younger reader PreK-2nd grade.
  • Buy headsets for the library computers.
  • Buy a CD player to integrate music into our morning announcements.
  • Continue to have incentives in the Library Treasure Box for reading.


The mission of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Library Technology Services Department is to be an active participant in every child's education, to empower students and staff to be effective users of ideas and information, and to enrich the district curriculum by providing physical and intellectual access to materials in multiple formats, as we promote an enthusiasm for reading, life-long learning, and prepare our students to achieve in the 21st Century.