Welcome to Ms. Watson's Home Page

Welcome to a new school year. I look forward to working with your student. 8th grade science is a conglomeration of many different disciplines of scientific study. Students will be learning about the basic nature of science and how observations and inferences of the natural world lead to the hypotheses that are tested to help us better understand the universe in which we live. It is an exciting course that allows students to investigate their curosities though various activities and hands on learning. Some of the subjects that will be studied include geology, chemistry, oceanography, meteorology, paleontology, and astronomy. For a student to be successful, it is important to attend class everyday, have supplies, complete assignments and study for exams. I look forward to an exciting year!

 Daily Supplies:
blue or black pens
2 red grading pens
pocket folder 
composition book
box of 24 crayons
These supplies will be assigned per class on the first day of school and will remain in the classroom: colored pencils (box of 12)
markers (box of 8)
glue stick
box of Kleenex
ziplock bags
pencil sharpeners