Welcome Back!


North Euless Elementary is a Title 1 School

We have “Met the Standard with five TEA Distinctions for



2014 - 2019 District Goals

Goal 1 Student Achievement

Goal 2 Effective and Efficient Operations for All Components

Goal 3 Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

Goal 4 Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

Goal 5 Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders


Art Room Mission Statement 


North Euless students are taking advantage

of the opportunity to learn and achieve through

the apprecaiation of visual arts.

Guided by TEKS based studies, we learn

about and create art that that allows us

to understand our world and ourselves.


Grades and Expectations

Students rotate through art classes every three weeks so it is not uncommon for your student to not have an art grade until the end of the six weeks period once their projects are complete.

Students are given ample time to complete their works in the regular class periods but if there is a need, the studio is open as long as I am here. If a student tells me they are coming to work on their piece I will be here before school, after school, or during my lunch.

Attending Suzuki Strings is NOT an excusal from their assignments in art. If a student misses due to Strings then they need to make arrangements to come in and make up their work. (See above)

Students are expected and reminded several times to put their FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and TEACHER'S NAME on their works. Failure to do so is a cost of twenty points off the final grade. If I can't figure out to whom it belongs, then a grade of seventy will be placed on it. The same is true if a student does not turn their work in on time. If in the event a student does not turn in a project or without a name it cannot be identified then the student will earn a "No Grade" .

Each assignment will have a set of rubrics by which it is graded. A student is not graded on individual talent. When students try, and follow the rubrics, they do well.

I look forward to helping your student further understand the world of art so that they may better express themselves using the visual arts.

I check e-mails daily and will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours. My conference/planning period is from 7:40 - 8:30, at which time classes begin. If you have an emergency, please call the office at 817-354-3505.

Greetings and welcome back for the 2016-2017school year.

Second Six Weeks Lessons

Kindergarten - Shapes

First Grade - Lines/Self Portraits

Second Grade - Landscapes

Third Grade - Mandalas (STEAM Lesson)

Fourth Grade - Oriental Dragons/Clay

Fifth Grade - Surrealism

Sixth Grade - Cartography/Pirate Maps