May 16th- 5th Grade Field Trip; Pre-Kindergarten Awards at 2:00; 6th Grade Career Day

May 17th- 6th Grade Culture Fair 9:00

May 18th- 4th Grade Field Trip; Kindergarten Awards at 1:30

May 19th- 2nd Grade Awards at 8:30; 1st Grade Awards at 2:00

May 22nd- 3rd Grade Awards at 8:30; 4th Grade Awards at 1:30; 6th Grade End of Year Party 9:00-2:00

May 23rd- 5th Grade Awards at 8:30; Talent Show for the School at 1:30; PTA Meeting and Talent Show 6:30pm

May 24th- 6th Grade Awards at 9:00; Pre-Kindergarten Field Day; 11:50 Early Dismissal (No Extended Day Program); Happy Summer!

May 25th- First Day of Summer!