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Parents & Students of L. D. Bell High School,

There is a very serious matter with which we need your assistance. One of our staff members has discovered that they have a severe latex allergy. Any contact with latex, or with someone who has come in contact with latex, can set off an allergic reaction that could be fatal for this person.

As a result, from this day forward, L.D. Bell High School must make every effort to be latex-free. Simply put, we cannot allow balloons to be on the Bell campus. This includes all occasions such as pep-rallies, birthdays, prom invitations, etc. We are aware that there are latex-free balloons, but as they look just like latex balloons, we must simply disallow any balloons on the Bell campus.

We know that balloons seem like harmless fun, and generally, they are. But in this case, the latex found in balloons could prove fatal. It is not a chance that we will take.

No balloons will be allowed on the campus, and anyone bringing balloons will be subject to consequences as provided by the HEB ISD Code of Conduct.


This is a time that we need for you to support our staff member.


Thank you,

L. D. Bell High School Administration



L. D. Bell Counseling Department Update:

Our students are still in need of T.E.A.M.S. Volunteers!!

If you are willing to be part of a fabulous program that really impacts our students,

please contact Teresa Baker at: teresabaker@hebisd.edu.

Also, the L. D. Bell Counseling Department invites you to subscribe to their homepage. This subscription will notify you of any updates to the many scholastic activities here on campus as well as the addition of any documents added such as the scholarship newsletter each month. Please click on the "Subscribe" button on the bottom right corner of the Counseling home page to begin.



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