The counselor at South Euless conducts monthly guidance lessons in each classroom . Through these lessons, I teach the students about the Guiding Principles of Exceptional Character that the district has adopted. I am also available to see children individually as well as in small groups--upon parent, teacher or personal request concerning students' academic, social and emotional development. A parent permission letter will be sent home for you to sign when your child comes to me.

Character Education Traits
August - Respect
September - Responsibility
October - Honesty
November - Compassion
December - Courage
January - Perserverance
February - Self-Control
March - Commitment
April - Initiative
May - Cooperation

When is it appropriate to contact your school counselor?
When you have concerns about:
*classroom performance
*family changes (moving, death, divorce, or separation)
*home stress *parenting
*classroom behavior
*sudden change in child's behavior