Dear Employees, 

The Transfer Procedures and Timeline for teachers, teacher assistant, nurses, counselors, and information literacy specialists who may wish or need to transfer to another campus is now available. While there may not be current openings of interest to you, completing the transfer process is your opportunity to be considered for future openings.. Transfers are granted for similar job class only, i.e. teacher – teacher, teacher assistant – teacher assistant,  nurse – nurse, counselor – counselor, information literacy specialist – information literacy specialist.

 Please note: The form requires the principal's signature prior to submission to the Human Resources office.

The employee should complete the transfer form and send it to the Human Resources at the end of the transfer window.  The information will be distributed to the principals at each campus you have listed on the form.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. If you have any questions, you may contact Margaret Ott (817) 399-2016 or Brenda Bauer (817) 399-2015.