Student Written Mission Statement

We will achieve success by taking responsibility for our own learning.  We will learn the knowledge and skill set specific to medical careers by diligent study and enthusiastic, proactive participation.  In addition, we will demonstrate professionalism as we relate to our fellow students, instructor, and patients with compassion, patience, and joy.

Classroom Goals for Clinical Rotations

1. All students will obtain certifications as a CPR Health care Provider

2. Students will perform basic skills required of the medical assistant, nursing assistant, laboratory assistant, veterinary assistant, and dental assistant as demonstrated to instructor or hospital personnel

3. Students will recognize medical emergencies and provide correct immediate care

4. Perform clinical nutritional and fitness assessments of patients and provide specific recommendations and plans for improvement of health

5. Interact with patients in a professional and confidential manner in a hospital environment

6. Produce an individual career plan which maps incremental goals necessary to obtain career success

Classroom Goals for Pharmacology

1. Correctly transcribe doctor's drug orders

2. Identify major drug categories and the clinical indications for their use

3. Perform medical mathematics required for dosage calculations

4. Memorize essential information about 40 of the most frequently presribed medications including their indications, contraindications, side effects, and dosage information

5. Correctly identify and retrieve information about medications using the Physician's Desk Reference