Pitts Foote Cosmetology Department

  I am Zorina Pitts Foote, the Cosmetology Instructor at the Buinger Career Technical Education Academy. I am a product of the H.E.B. I.S.D.  I graduated from Trinity High School, member of Trojan Alumni and a graduate from our own H.E.B. Cosmetology class. It has been my dream to teach in the school I came from. The HEB Cosmetology class began in 1971, with my first teacher, Ms. Brewer. My second year was the beginning for second teacher, Mrs. McLemore. I began substitute teaching for the third teacher in this classroom, Mrs. Flower.  Now I am the fourth Cosmetology Instructor to ever teach in HEB ISD. I love that I have been apart of every instructor career in my class. With the help of others, I plan to be here a long time giving back to the commuinity, I grew up in!  

Welcome to the Buinger CTE Academy Cosmetology Program!

Thank you for supporting the Cosmetology program for H.E.B. I.S.D

REMEMBER: If you have been accepted in the cosmetology program next school year (2017/2018)

* Not included in fees for juniors is an additional $25.00 for Permit from the Texas department of License & Regulations (TDLR). Please contant Mrs. Foote with your $25 on a prepaid credit card brfore school begins.

Juniors need to pay fee of $800.00 by August 2017 or forfit your place. Also, bring closed toe shoes, smock pants, & ring binder. Classes will be 7:30 am to 11:05 am, there is no transportation to class for zero hour. All fees will be to pay for students supplies in class. After they graduate all supplies are theirs to take with them to their new career!

Seniors need to pay fee of $550.00 by August 2017 or forfit their place in class. They need to return to class all supplies given their junior year to continue training for Texas State cosmetology operator license testing. 

* You may pay in payments to HEB Cosmetology by check or cash in the office most of the summer.

Mrs. Zorina Foote, Cosmetology Instructor room C117

zorinafoote@hebisd.edu or call 817/354/3541 Ext. 5033

 Absent's &/or Tardie's will put your student  in danger of not finishing the program or to be removed from class.

Here is how to get into the Cosmetology Program....Fill out the application from your councelor or here on this site, send it to Mrs. Foote.  Get 2 teacher referances (they can email them to her or you can bring them to her), make a small portfolio up of things you might have done to show her some of your examples, fantasy or natural make up, hair, nails etc.... then you will do a interview process. Students should have good grades, attendance, a great attitude, be able to commit for 2 years to the Cosmetology program. This class is 3 hours for the junior year and 2 hours for your senior year. You must be able to clock in for 1000 hours during those 2 years and be able to do extra time for late night, hair shows, & voluntering. You will get you real Texas Cosmetology operator license in this class. The fees next year are $ 800.00 for Juniors and $ 500.00 for Seniors. This all goes to the student for their supplies, books & testing. We can give you more details if needed. This licence would cost you around $ 25,000.000 in the trade school after graduation.  

Cosmetology P.I.N.K. Club (Professional, Influence, Networking, Knowledge)

Schedule: Meeting 2nd Thursday of the month. Time 4-7

Sept. 8, Oct. 27, Nov.10, Dec.8, Jan.12, Feb.9, Mar. 9, Apr. 6, May 11

Late nights for extra hours on 3rd thursdays of the month, Time 4-7

Schedule: Sept.15, Oct.20, Nov.17, Dec.15, Jan.19, Feb.16, Mar.9, Apr.20, May18