Welcome back to school Hurst Hills Falcons!  It is my privelege to serve another year as principal of this wonderful organization. I look forward to watching our students and staff grow and learn this year.

As the principal at Hurst Hills, there are some key beliefs about learning that I hold up as critical to the success and well being of our students. I believe in establishing a growth mindset in regard to learning. Learning is hard work and consists of successes and failures.  It is only through the process of facing challenges that students learn at the highest levels and develop lifelong skills of perserverence and motivation. It is my belief  that all students can learn and each brings a unique strength or "genius" to Hurst Hills. 

I would like to invite you to be an active part in our community as we work to support all students in achieving their social and academic goals in a loving and challenging environment. One way you can stay involved is by reading and signing your child's MOOSE notebook nightly.  You can also volunteer for various campus support opportunities, join our active PTA, and engage your child each night in a discussion about their day of learning.  When your student faces challenges, help them see that there is learning happening and this is not a bad thing if you don't give up.  By working together, we increase the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our students.

Thank youfor sharing your most precious gift with us. I look forward to serving you this school year.